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Your Channels

Over 23 years MPG Media Group are offering an extensive and wide services in the areas of TV- facility and -production services, (non-) broadcast media services and OTT Media Services (Online).

With Your Channels, an MPG Media Group company, services are going broader in the chain and way further with new services.


MPG Media Group
& Premium Partners



We primarily focuses on developing channels, optimization & monetizing, distribution of content and channels. All powered by MPG Media Group. Additionally we could function as a agency & consultancy company.

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Our Solution

Quatro90: the all-round 360 media ecosystem

powered by Media Choice, an MPG Media Group company

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Who we work for

How can we service you?

The business sectors where we are active and work for are production companies, content (rights) holders and -aggregators, brand-/ or broadcasters, platform operators and distribution platforms.

Production companies
Aggregator/ operator
Brand-/ broadcaster
Content-rights holders
OTT platform operators

Where we distribute

(y)our FAST tv channels