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Samsung TV Plus expands FAST channels with help from Your Channels and content from Studio 100

Free streaming service Samsung TV Plus is expanding its FAST channel package with three new channels during the summer in cooperation with channel founder and operator Your Channels and family entertainment specialist Studio 100. Featuring content from Studio 100 TV and njam!, these premium experience FAST channels offer more variety and local content in the program offerings, fulfilling the viewing needs of Dutch households. Specialist Your Channels brought the parties together and fully set up the channels.

K3 new generation, Mega Mindy in purple and proef njam chefs
Three FAST channels of Studio100 presented by Your Channels

The partnership

Samsung TV Plus offers more than 100 channels of international and national content around news, entertainment, movies, documentaries, sports and music for free through its FAST service. The channels feature programming and advertisements. Your Channels ensures that the advertisements shown are fully screened so that all audiences can enjoy a fine, high-quality and safe digital viewing experience. Your Channels is part of Media Choice Group. The group also includes Media Choice, which specializes in Media Services, including the (local) translation, processing and distribution of content in various packaging forms (linear, On Demand or Over-the-top), and Film Partners (the 'TV reality' specialist) that facilitates production solutions (for Big Brother, among others).

Jefta Lentz, CEO at Your Channels: "At Your Channels we believe in a premium experience and set up channels technically and aesthetically in such a way that they are suitable for both FAST channels and traditional television. We have therefore been unburdening traditional channels and streaming services for years with positioning, programming and finding partners for the right content, in this case Studio 100's content. We are proud of Samsung TV Plus' trust in us to create our first three Dutch channels. We expect several more local and international channels to follow in the coming period."

Marvin Kooij, CEO at Media Choice: "With our experience, knowledge and technical capabilities in creating, managing, distributing and 'monetizing' linear TV channels, we are able to efficiently facilitate these relevant channels as well. To manage the new channels, we are deploying our 'Quatro90' solution, including our AI-based content recognition and 'Ad-markers advisor' and 'creator', as well as the (partially) automated smart TV scheduler based on data and, for example, the Smart Dynamic Graphic Generator for smooth graphic overlays."

Andrea Schumacher, Country Lead Benelux Samsung TV Plus at Samsung Electronics: "We believe it is important to offer our viewers high-quality, local content - free and subscription-free on every Samsung Smart TV. In Your Channels and Studio 100 we have found suitable partners to enable children and adults in the Netherlands to experience even more viewing pleasure. In addition to high-quality programming, we offer only verified and safe advertisements, so that children and adults can experience carefree viewing pleasure. And for advertisers, Samsung TV Plus offers an engaging, premium and brand-safe TV environment."

Piero Cavaliere, Director Content Distribution & Partnerships at Studio 100 on the partnership: "For Studio 100 it is important that we are where our fans are. This applies to our children's content as well as our culinary channel njam! In addition, we closely follow market developments. We are therefore very excited about our first steps on FAST channels. These channels are unique digital channels tailored to the Samsung TV Plus platform. This makes these channels the perfect complement to our existing offerings through classic TV distribution." The three channels

The Studio 100 TV channel shows a selection of Studio 100 series, films and shows starring K3, Piet Piraat and Kabouter Plop, among others. On the Studio 100 Hits channel, Studio 100 hits and clips can be listened to and watched all day long, whether or not in a karaoke version.

The channel Proef njam! offers an answer to the question "what are we eating today", for everyone looking for daily cooking inspiration as well as for the hobby cook or top chef who likes to do something more gastronomic. This content is presented by culinary experts in their field. Expertise and quality guaranteed. Questions? Contact e-mail: | website:

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